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Dinner Menu for this week (11/12 - 11/16) MENU Farms Greens Organic with Pecorino $9 Farms Greens with Gorgonzola and Walnuts $9 Red Lentil soup with sour cream and cilantro $6


Art Café Hemingway, 4-1495 Kuhio Hwy, 96746 Kapaa, HI - (808) 822-2250 OPENING HOURS: Wednesday -Sunday from 8am-2pm and 6pm-9pm Monday & Tuesday closed


Visit our coffee bar (Art Cafe Hemingway - OPENING HOURS: Wednesday -Sunday from 8am-2pm and 6pm-9pm Monday & Tuesday closed. Location: 4-1495 Kuhio Hwy, Kapaa) to take in the sights and smells as our baristas create delicious

"Visit our coffee bar to take in the sights and smells as our baristas create delicious custom blends and flavors you won’t find anywhere else. 

Hemingway‘s travels breakfast


Croissant, baguette, butter, honey, strawberry marmalade, cream cheese $6.00


Two organic scrambled eggs with Parmigiano Reggiano, goat cheese with Mediterranean relish, baguette, whole-grain bread, butter $11.00


Two organic scrambled eggs on spinach and tomatoes, Baguette and Butter $9.00

Honolulu Sekt Breakfast

Fresh fruits, two organic scrambled eggs with Parmigiano Reggiano, smoked ham, Pancetta, baguette, whole-grain bread, butter, fresh orange juice 5oz and a glass of sparkling wine $21.50

Hemingway‘s breakfast

The Sun Also Rises

Fresh orange juice 5oz, two organic scrambled eggs with Parmigiano Reggiano, smoked ham, Camembert, baguette, whole-grain bread, butter $13.00

For Whom the Bell Tolls 

Salami, Strassburger Liverwurst, two organic scrambled eggs with Pancetta and cheese, baguette, whole-grain bread, butter $13.00

In Our Time

Organic omelet with fresh herbs, cream cheese, yogurt with fresh fruit, baguette, whole-grain bread, butter $11.00

The Old Man and the Sea

Smoked salmon, crabmeat salad, two organic scrambled eggs, baguette, wholegrain bread, butter $15.00

True at First Light

Organic omelet with Mozarella, basil and tomatoes, Italian Mozzarella, house Muesli, baguette, whole-grain bread, butter $13.00

Side Orders

Scrambled eggs with green onions, or Parmigiano or Pancetta $5.00

Omelet with fresh herbs and cream cheese or with Mozzarella, basil and tomatoes or with Pancetta and cheese $6.90

Smoked salmon 2oz $5.90

Ham, Salami, Pancetta, Camembert or Old Amsterdam 2 oz $4.50

Bread and butter - whole-grain bread and French baguette, butter $2.70

Gluten-free, home-made bread and butter $4.50

Organic Hawaiian honey, marmalade, Nutella, homemade pineapple mustard, homemade honey mustard mayonnaise, cream cheese or butter $1.00

Hemingway‘s Quiche

Freshly Baked Quiche of the Day – available while they last!

Gorgonzola, Portabella Mushrooms or Goat Cheese, Pancetta, Thyme $7.00

Quiche with salad and Thai-peanut sauce or balsamico-honey dressing $11.00

Gluten free version is without crust

Hemingway‘s in between

Caprese V/l

Tomatoes, basil and Mozzarella are best friends ever. With Baguette $9.00

German Curry Bratwurst

Bratwurst grilled in slices covered with homemade tomato-curry sauce, baguette $9.00

German Bratwurst with Sauerkraut

Bratwurst grilled in slices with Sauerkraut, Honey-mayo on the side, baguette $9.00

Greek Yogurt Dream - Served with fresh fruits $4.50

Muesli - Oatmeal in milk with yogurt, fruits, nuts and honey $4.50

Vegan Muesli - with almond milk and maple syrup Vg, DF $5.00

Crabmeat Cocktail – Real crabmeat with homemade wasabi-ginger mayonnaise $9.00

Hot Croissants


Croissant with Camembert and homemade pineapple mustard $5.50

Croissant with ham and Old Amsterdam cheese with homemade honey mustard mayonnaise $5.50

Croissant with ham, organic scrambled eggs, tomato, lettuce $7.90

Croissant with aged Gouda, organic scrambled eggs, tomato, lettuce $7.90

Croissant with ham and aged Gouda, organic scrambled eggs, tomato, lettuce $8.90

Croissant with goat cheese and salmon $8.90


Croissant with organic Hawaiian honey and butter $3.50

Croissant with strawberry marmalade and butter $3.50

Croissant with Nutella $3.50

Croissant with cream cheese and strawberry marmalade $4.00

Plain croissant $2.00

Croissant with butter $3.00


Savory Crêpe stuffed with

Smoked salmon, tomato relish and sour cream $9.00

Goat cheese and relish (sun dried tomatoes, olives, capers, herbs and garlic) $9.00

Mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and olive oil $9.00

Feta cheese, rosemary, tomatoes and olive oil $9.00

Ham and Old Amsterdam cheese $9.00

sweet Crêpe stuffed with

Nutella $7.00

Nutella and fresh strawberries – à la Leilani $9.00

Nutella and banana $9.00

Sweet condensed milk and banana $9.00

Cinnamon and sugar $6.00

Lemonjuice, sugar and butter $8.00

Lunch time at Hemingway's


Pea-Ginger Soup $6.00

Smoked Duck Breast on Salad, with baguette $12.00

Salad with Gorgonzola dressing and caramelized walnuts $7.50

Salad with grilled Portabella Mushrooms, Pancetta and Gorgonzola dressing $12.00

Small Salad with Balsamico-Honey dressing Or Thai-peanut dressing or Gorgonzola dressing $4.50


Moroccan Lamb with Basmati rice

Lamb baked with cilantro seeds, fennel seeds, rosemary, ginger, Maui onions, Hawaiian salt, served with sour cream and fresh cilantro


Chicken Kapaa with Basmati rice

Chicken baked in cinnamon, ginger and tomatoes $15.00


Chocolate soufflé with fresh strawberries (needs 15 minutes) $8

Fruit Bowl $9.00

Chocolate Pot de Creme $6.00

Amarettini Tiramisu $6.00

Affogato $4.90

Vanilla Ice cream with Chocolate and whipped cream $6.00


White glass / bottle

Rosé ‘12 Triennes, France $9 / $45

Petit Bourgeois ‘12, Sauvignon Blanc, France $9 / $45

Fortant ‘12, Muscat, France $7 / $35

Côtes du Rhône blanc 11, France $10 / $50

Selbach ‘12, Riesling, Germany $7 / $35

Riff ‘12, Pinot Grigio, taly $8 / $40

Botani ‘12, Moscatel, Spain $9 / $45

Les Charmes’11, Chardonay $9 / $45

Fevre Chablis ‘12, Chardonay $13 / $65

Gravas ‘10, Sauternes, France, dessert wine $5

Red glass / bottle

SCAIA ‘12, Corvina grape, Italy $8 / $40

Protocolo ‘11, Tempranillo, Spain $7 / $35

Cannonau di Sardegna Riserva ‘09, Italy $10 / $50

Rio Madre ‘11, Rioja, Spain $8 / $40

Coltibuono ‘11,Chianti Classico, Italy $8 / $40

Cotes du Rhone ‘10, France $10 / $50



Heineken $6

Chimay Red, Belgium Trappist Ale $9

Chimay Blue, Belgium Trappist Ale $11

Big Island Brewhaus Overboard IPA , 1 pint 6fl oz $15

Warsteiner, German Permium Verum $8

Erdinger Weissbier, German Hefe Weizen $9


Dinner Menu

Farms Greens Organic with Pecorino $9
Farms Greens with Gorgonzola and Walnuts $9  

 Red Lentil soup  with sour cream and cilantro                     $6

Camembert Marries Spinach $11

Smoked Duck Breast with Red Beet – Rice Noodles              $14

Bresaola on arugula with lemon dressing and Parmigiano    $15

Roasted Pears with Blue Cheese                                          $12

Lamb Sausages Served, mashed potatoes                             $15

Hemingway’s Cheese Board CHEF’S PICK                              $19

Scallops with Cilantro Pesto on Angel Hair                           $19

Moroccan Lamb with Basmati rice, fresh cilantro                 $17

Vegetable Gratin                                                                $14

Chicken Kapaa with Basmati rice                                         $15

Filet Mignon With sesame salsa, spiced mashed potatoes      $27

Chocolate Soufflé                                                                $8

Toblerone Fondue  for 2                                                     $10

Amarettini Tiramisu                                                             $6

Pot de Creme                                                                      $6

HOUSE SPECIAL - Cheese Fondue
Fondue for One - $24 / Couple - $19 per person / 3 or more (same flavor) - $18 per person


Your are welcome to try Hemingway Coctails, selection of beers and old word wines.

OPENING HOURS: Wednesday -Sunday from 8am-2pm and 6pm-9pm

Monday & Tuesday closed

We accept credit cards

Reservation during the operation hours: 822 2250

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