We started the renovation of the second floor in August 2011. September first, we took over the first floor - which was the Small Town Coffee. 

At first, we thought we only have to change some things and paint.

Unfortunately the house was in a very bad condition. One of the few houses in Kapaa, which survived many hurricanes and even a tsunami, was threatened to be destroyed by termites.  The walls were corroded and everything we touched broke apart. In the last years, no one took care of that house it seems. 

First, we tried to free the house from the jammed dirt. This way we found a whole zoo with bugs and pests we've never seen before. Millions of termite maggots made us decide to degas the house.

After a few weeks of work, in which we tried to save all the substantial things, we started painting. Here are some pictures of the renovation.

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