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Bestselling author David Katz will read from his two recent novels and sign books at Art Café Hemingway, Saturday, September 7, at 7 PM.


Round Trip


TransGalactic Travel is considering pulling the plug on planet Earth as a vacation destination for its light-being clients. It's just too much trouble. But two of its travel agents make a last ditch visit to the planet to observe and report on the difficulties their travelers are having while inhabiting Earthly bodies. A hippie goddess, a billionaire hedge fund owner, and their lovers never realize that the fate of the planet depends on the memos these agents send about them to the home office.


Incredible metaphor for our world!


Reading Round Trip not only rocked my imagination with its clever metaphor, renewed application of language, whole, realistic characters, and relatable modern life context; it went so far in its effect to inspire a lighter view of our world within me. I simply could not stop reading.


                                             Makana, Recording Artist




Jake the lobbyist and Billy the congressman know the game of power is rigged. They want to know by whom. To crack the big puzzle, they recruit a team of freelance spies. A ten-thousand dollar a night DC hooker, a teenage hacker, and an ex-KGB surveillance expert help them spy on the world’s leaders, who turn out to be puppets. They find the puppet masters and set out to learn their agenda. Jake and the hooker joke that they are in a James Bond movie without M to answer to. But the joke fades as they come to suspect that they themselves are puppets of the conspirators, who control nearly all the events of the world.


A brilliant page-turner mystery


David Katz' political thriller pulls on a small thread which unravels a vast conspiracy that ultimately goes all the way to the top.

Secrets, lies and propaganda build upon one another until what is conspiracy and what is coincidence become entangled. Reminiscent of the thrill of John Frankenheimer's The Manchurian Candidate. An excellent page-turner for this summer or anytime of year.


         Harold Bloomfield, MD, New York Times bestselling author

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